7 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

7 Easy Ways to Make Extra Money

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Everyone could use a little extra money from time to time. Luckily we live in a world where it’s actually pretty easy to make a little extra income on the side. Here are 7 easy things that you can do to make a little extra money.

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1. Start a website
This is an extremely common practice of making money since it’s so easy and cheap to start. You can make your website about anything you want so it’s a great place to explore your passions. All you need is time, dedication, a name and a web host. Many people start with a basic, free WordPress or Blog Spot page, but you can’t really monetize those. It’s best to go to a self hosted site if you want to make money. And it’s actually way easier than I thought it was going to be.

I recommend Bluehost since that’s who I’ve used and I’ve been very happy with the results. For less than $100 a year, you can get started and if you use WordPress like me, then you can do the 1 click install which makes creating your site super easy. By clicking this link it will take you to a page where you’ll get a discount on hosting.

Be aware though, you do have to pay for a full year minimum up front and you’ll get a bigger discount if you sign up for 36 months verses 12 months. That’s why I said you need dedication lol. If you are truly committed, it will take time to build your site so doing a long term plan will be worth it.

2. House, pet or babysit
Sitting is one of the easiest ways to make extra cash. You usually don’t have to do much and can get paid pretty well. If you are house sitting, all you usually have to do is water some plants, get the mail and watch TV. Pet sitting is easy as well usually, just make sure they are fed and walked.

Babysitting can be a hit or miss. If you are watching the kids late at night, you might get lucky and not have to do much other than be there. If it’s during the day when the kids are awake and they are little, then you will have to work for your money. But many times kids are more well behaved for people who aren’t their parents.

3. Freelance writing or editing
The amount of money you make writing can greatly vary and isn’t always steady. You tend to get paid by the project or by the page. It’s fairly easy to find work but the pay isn’t always great and honestly, many places don’t always pay, but they give you experience and get your name out there for you.

As for editing, what has worked for me personally was I was a part of a writing group and I edited books for a local author. He recommended me to his friends as well. The pay was alright, not enough to live off of but enough to buy a few extras.

4. Work as an extra on a movie or TV show
This can be dependent on where you live but in multiple states that I’ve lived in I had the opportunity to become an extra! This is one of the easiest jobs I’ve ever had since half of the time you are just sitting around, waiting for someone to say action! When you are “working” my “jobs” have been to sit in my car (and I got paid extra for using my car), ride a roller coaster, walk down the street, pretend to talk to people or just sit on a bench as part of the background.

Plus you get perks like free food (good, catered food usually too!) and even the chance to see some movie stars! I won’t name any names, but I’ve gotten to see some people that I had only seen in the movies or TV before. And I got paid for it!

And oh yeah, many times there is a minimum of 8 hours they have to pay you, so even if the shoot only last for 4 hours, you’ll get paid for 8. And if you do work overtime (which can happen often in the film business) you’ll get paid for that too.

Just be prepared to repeat your actions over and over and to possibly work a really long day.

5. Start an online business
Similar to building a website is also starting an online business. There are so many ways to do this and it’s pretty easy to start up. All you need is a self hosted website and many of them come with built in stores! When I signed up for Bluehost and WordPress, it came with an online store that allows me to sell items.

The most profitable items to sell are things such as eBooks or online courses because the cost to make these is extremely low. However, many people will buy items for cheap such as clothes, collectibles, or artwork from local stores or other online retailers and sell them for a profit online. If you don’t want to start your own website to do this, amazon and ebay are a great place to start.

6. Yard work or shoveling snow
No one really likes doing yard work or shoveling snow on a cold day but if you don’t mind you might be able to make a little extra cash! Especially, if you have an older or really busy neighbor, many times they will gladly pay you for doing something they have been putting off, don’t have the time for or the physical capacity to do. It will be hard work, but you won’t have to go to the gym afterwards!

7. Get a part time job
This is an obvious way but also one of the best ways to make guaranteed money. By getting a part time job at maybe a retail store, movie theater or a restaurant, you’ll have regular, extra income coming in. There are many other options, but those usually tend to pay pretty decently and have flexible scheduling.

Plus you can find a job somewhere you really like or that sells stuff you like. If you like clothes for example, you can get a part time job at a department store and you’ll get to see the items when they first come in and you’ll even get discounts.

Another great part time job can be Uber, Lyft or Postmates. You also get to make your own schedule for the most part and get paid by the trip. Many people have found success doing this in their down time.

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